Tomato and Anchovy Crostini

Tomato and Anchovy Crostini

If you’re in a hurry or have unexpected guests, this may possibly be the quickest and easiest crostini to make!
I’m a big fan of anchovies and I always keep a can in the fridge.
The combination of the sweetness of the tomatoes and the saltiness of the anchovies is just perfect!


8-10 people


1 French baguette sliced, 18-20 slices
12 Baby tomatoes, quartered
1 small can of anchovy filets in olive oil (60g)
Extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzle
Fresh black pepper



On each baguette slice, place a few pieces of tomatoes and 1 or 2 anchovy filets.
Top with black pepper and add a fine drizzle of olive oil.
* Should you find the anchovies too salty, rinse them quickly under water and dry them with paper towel.

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